Dialog Says NO to Anarkali

In more news, everybody’s favorite and Sri Lanka’s golden girl Anarkali Akarsha has suffered another blow. Sources at Dialog Telekom have revealed that there has been a directive from senior management to immediately remove all branding and promotional items containing the model/actress.
Anarkali’s pay packet was rumored to have been numbered in the millions and the Telekom giant is said to be the main catalyst behind her somewhat meteoric rise to fame after winning the Miss. Sri Lanka pageant and representing the country in the Miss. World stage.
Her recent mix-up with politician Duminda Silva seems to have cast doubts on her marketability and this seems to be the main reason behind Dialog’s decision. Although it remains to be seen if it is going to be a permanent measure or not, but according to what I heard, that does seem to be the case.
Anarkali (or Anar) has been surrounded by controversy as of late and at a time when the telecom market is increasing in competitivity and firms get increasingly sensitive towards consumer needs and reactions Dialog’s decision would appear to be quite rational in the light of Anar’s former appeal especially in rural areas.
  1. Anonymous said:

    she’s crap anyway….vomit vomit.

  2. nifraz said:

    Well…. I think I feel sorry for her… coz when you have fame, beauty and luck… you should use them wisely. Moreover when you are a well-known person you should be responsible on your actions. People look at you… take you as role models. The luck will not be in your side forever… So in this case it’s not Dialog who lose but our poor anar…
    Anar… please stop acting dumb

    Hi blogger ! Now where did you find all this information?

    GOOD JOB !!!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Oh great, i never liked her anyway.

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