ITS ALIVE! The BMW GINA philosophy: Flexibility to the Max!

Car afficionado’s have been talking non stop about this brand new baba. made out of cloth they say and maaaan, i just Love the way the hood operates. it winks, changes shape from a muscly brute to a sleek lean mean driving machine (probably at the press of a button..) BMW sure came up with a shaker.

But it remains to be seen how long its gonna take for it to actually hit production. my feelings is its gonna be a bit too delicate for most environments and myt cost a fortune to maintain. its a concept of a concept and will revolutionalize car design in the future, but the technology is way too expensive for commercial production as yet.

as for safety measures, performance specs etc nothing is for certain. And we will have to wait for some years yet to see exactly what kind of monster BMW will bury beneath that sexy hood. But for now we have this cool video to watch coutesy the German carmaker. Do check it out.

  1. mixedblessings89 said:

    This is a really sexy car

  2. TheWhacksteR said:

    talk about it!

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