Hillary: It’s Not Over till it’s Over!

Ok, is anyone other than me convinced that the Democratic race is looking more and more like a complicated rollercoaster ride?

First it was Hillary and we were all going Woman Power! Wahoo! What a revolution.
And then it was Obama and we were all going Black and Minority Power! Wahoo! What a revolution.

Everybody was talking about what a revolution it would be if either candidate won. And one thing is for sure. Each candidate has their own unique identity, and each promises a blowing up of the traditionally stereotypical image of the American president; at least in terms of symbolism and outward attitude.

The democratic race has itself absorbed most of the limelight from the presidential primaries. Indeed, to such an extent that John McCain has been quietly consolidating his power base all along. The world’s attention will only turn to him in a big way when the Democratic candidacy is finalized.

Clinton is tough competition. And definitely has my admiration and respect. Her comeback win in Pennsylvania might not have been a comprehensive drubbing of Obama but still managed to show the world that she is far from being knocked out of the race. Indeed; in my eyes she has shown far more balls in this race than any of her male counterparts.

But that could be because she’s the only candidate who can afford to be openly aggressive and outspoken and prone to exaggeration. As the race progresses, democrats are increasingly looking for candidate who is not a George Bush prototype. And that’s why I think Obama’s pacifist attitude has worked for him so well so far. There seems to be somewhat of a battle of wills going on between the two, with Hillary’s sharp and biting comments being countered with Obama’s calm and peaceful retorts. But it will remain to be seen if one or both of the candidates will get so obsessed with winning the race that in the end they would simply go hammer and tongs at each other and kill or be killed; ruining the Democrats’ hope of having one of their own bums on the biggest seat of the White House in the process. Many express fears that Hillary Clinton is quite capable of doing just that.

But it doesn’t look likely that the situation will deteriorate to such an extent during the course of the next 9 contests. Indiana and North Carolina, the next two races are forecast to go to Clinton and Obama respectively so there is definitely more firework and nail-biting moments to come. Most experts agree that the race will go on even after the next 9 primaries and the final balance will hang the discretion of the 800 un-elected super delegates.

Talk about climatic. But in the meanwhile I am taking no bets on this blog; or anywhere else for that matter.


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