The fall of Fallon

Admiral Fallon, celebrated war hero and commander of the US Forces in a vast area including the Horn of Africa and holder of responsibility for Afghanistan and Iraq, expresses his honest views about pending conflict in the world and is apparently painted by the media as ‘The Strongest Man Standing Between the Bush Administration and War on Iran’.

Ok. So far things seem to add up pretty evenly. But here’s what follows. The Bush Administration positively balks at events and Admiral Fallon promptly announces he is stepping down. But here is the weird part, both the Bush administration and the Admiral released statements saying that his words were misinterpreted and that there was no conflict of ideas between the admiral and the Bush administration. Ok fine, so the admiral said something, the media misinterpreted it, Bush got pissed off and both his people and the admirals rushed to clarify the situation. So why the hell did he step down then?

In my opinion and I suspect in many others this incident does indicate conflict between the Bush Administration (with their barely concealed trigger happiness) and the hierarchy of the US military. Probably Adm Fallon was a controversial figure to start with and they finally told him ‘Enough is enough’.

Looking back at his previous comments (which also caused flutters in the White House) where he told al-Jazzera that the war on Iran ‘should not happen’ its pretty safe to assume that at least some of the top military brass in the US think that war on Iran is not a wise idea. This comes at a time when the US is struggling to maintain an agenda of economic and moral pressure on Iran. The very reasoning behind which borders on hypocrisy.

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  1. TheWhacksteR said:

    More on this. General david Patraeus the current commander for the Iraqi operation has been recommended to succeed Adm. Fallon.

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