The Democratic Change Agent?

The US presidential race gets more intense as the two remaining Democratic candidates battle out the last few remaining states, as the world watches, every single word they say being reviewed and looked at again for possible meanings and nuances, the mudslinging shifts from the candidates themselves to their subordinates with the latest example being Clinton supporter Ferraro.

Obama seems to have taken a bit of a complacent attitude when it comes to throwing punches. Calmly responding to Clinton’s criticisms with craftily thought of responses and hardly venturing any punches of his own. This placid attitude is what has come to define Barrack Obama; one might say it has been one of his key selling points or competitive advantages in this race. The integrity, openness and catalyst-for-change image he portrays may or may not be his true self, but I wonder about his knee-jerk reactions when that photo of him in an African traditional garb was released, is he really as self accepting and as open as he seems?

Clinton on the other hand, is a raw politician; she is an experienced member of the Establishment, the ‘Corporatocracy’ and capitalism that has defined political America for a long time. The only unconventional thing about her is the obvious fact that she is a woman. She portrays herself as powerful, capable and realistic. She is not afraid to rip apart a competitors reputation when it suits her and her belief that the end justifies the means has set apart her campaign from the rest of the Democrats’. Her approach may seem more politically traditional but will she be able to withstand the momentum Obama seems to have gained so far?

Perhaps it is all the mystery and eloquence of Barrack Obama that has got him so far along this race. And perhaps the next few months will tell if he’s got what it takes to be scrutinized under a stronger and stronger light and still make it through, or if Clinton will turn out to be right and prove him to be a man of a lot of words but of little substance. But one thing is for sure, whoever comes out on top with the Democratic nomination will not be able to easily write off the political might Republican John McCain.

But that, of course is a story yet to be told.


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